Saturday, 4 December 2010

An Email

I received an email with a few weird files in it, so I made a video of my trying to work out what they were. For higher quality go onto youtube and watch it. I had to make the video really small to fit on the blog page!

I'll upload a scrubbed version of the audio once I manage to clean it up a bit.


  1. a friend of mine also received this file; we didn't have much better luck than you but we could make out some of the message:

    First part:

    "You are dead. You see what you do not fear and you fear what you do not see"

    Middle: this part we are unsure of, pretty garbled:

    "that is if you try again (something) it shall dot she shall give you..."

    Last part:

    "she shall be murdered"

    so maybe you might just want to work on figuring out that middle part?

    also, there may be a hidden message as well

    did the sender also send you the "blind" files? there might be a secret message as well

  2. No, I just got 3 files called, 1,2 and 3. Though there was a reference to blindness in the mail that came with it.

    I'm gonna scrub the audio and take a look at all of it. I agree with some of your transcript but other bits I hear something different. I'll probably make another post either today or tomorrow with my results.