Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cry For Silence - The Glorious Dead

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First band up is Cry For Silence, a band from Watford, England who, sadly, called it quits after their first full album release 'The Glorious Dead'. The band, during their active days, played with such bands as Caliban (German Metalcore Pioneers), Sikth (British Progressive Metal), Funeral for a Friend, The Black Dahlia Murder, Shadows Fall and many other bands that you probably have heard of. Why, then have you not heard of Cry for Silence? That is a good question, as they are one of the better bands to have come out of the UK hardcore scene.

The sound is not something I hear very often and is a refreshing change from the hundreds of generic metalcore bands that have sprung up during the last decade or so. While all the classic elements are present, harsh, distorted vocals, chugging breakdowns and emotional lyrics, they are used in ways which are far from common within the genre.

The vocals are not screamed in the normal fashion; the singer Adam Pettit has been described to sound as if he is pissing cactus needles. This unique sound may take quite a lot of time to get used to but the style fully fits with the chunky down tuned sound of the band, when listening to Adam's vocals it becomes obvious that a more generic approach just wouldn't work in Cry For Silence.

Another unusual aspect of the band is that of bass player Andy Saxton, a skilled player that remains audible through out the entire album, providing complex tapped lines and classical guitar style melodies to the mix, as well as simple driving lines and counter melodies. This mix of the bass fills out the sound scape with the guitars of Alex Venturella and Steve Sears, creating a much darker and foreboding sound that (as far as I am aware) no other band has replicated.

Overall Cry for Silence's 'The Glorius Dead' is an epic of an album, mixing brutal pedal riffs with melodic and rather beautiful passages, bundled in a unique casing that not many bands seem to have latched on to. If you are a metalcore or hardcore fan this is one to check out.

9 / 10

Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore
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