Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Slumber - Fallout

Another Black Iris blog. I'd like to point out that I don't agree with providing a download link, even thought I'm not sure it works, but he insisted I change nothing so there you go.

Another band that you wont of heard of, but it none the less awesome.

The Swedish six piece play the sort of metal that you listen to and it instantly leaves an impression on you, if you like the weirdness factor of bands like Katatonia or Opeth then Slumber may be the band for you. The haunting melodies of their only released effort, Fallout, transport you in to a much darker place, which is appreciated far more if you take the time to actually listen to the music (preferably with headphones in the middle of the night) instead of just having it on the background, which is a great disservice to the band.

Fallout's mix of Death and Doom is tinted with a hint of the gothic in the use of Strings and Choirs in a few tracks. The opener Rapture drags you in with a heavy beat on the toms and a hypnotizing guitar and synth combo which just forces you to listen, this then raises into a crescendo and then crashes forth into a floaty yet heavy sound scape, like bursting through solid rock into an infinite space.

While the instrumentation is majestic the growls of bass player Siavosh Bigonah and vocals of Ehsan Kalantarpour are anything but, proving to be the standard death metal affiar of harsh gutturals, which creates an eerie contrast to the clean chanted vocals used through out.

To tie it all up Slumber are a underground fans wet dream, the music is deep and interesting. And while it is majestic and spacey, it does not disappoint on the front of brutality, A must for anyone into Opeth and other weird metal.


Genre: Melodic Death/Doom Metal
Download:  Mediafire


  1. Sorry I didn't get up here straight away and thanks for putting these up. Always nice to get a little exposure

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